The Partnership will build on the solid foundation in Chicago to ensure that every Chicago public school is led by a strong principal. Approximately 90 stakeholders were interviewed to help identify a clear set of near-term priorities and long-term aspirations to guide the work of The Partnership.

A complete set of goals, and a baseline score card for Chicago, will be released in 2017. In the meanwhile, members of The Partnership are focused on the following four priorities.

Partnership Data Collaboration & Analysis

The Partnership facilitates the collection, analysis and reporting of data most critical to attracting, training, matching, supporting, rewarding and sustaining strong principals in every school. Partners are co-developing a data collection process and reporting system to continuously improve their practice.

Why does this matter?

An accurate, single source of data about principals in Chicago’s public schools will help ALL partners make informed decisions and modify their programming to better meet evolving principal needs.

Job Tools on ChicagoPrincipals.org

The Partnership is committed to helping hiring managers and aspiring principal candidates find each other to foster great matches. Throughout the 2016-17 school year, The Partnership will unveil a series of tools that will attract strong aspiring principals to leadership in Chicago and to connect hiring managers to the right candidates for their schools. Learn more about our current and planned tools here.

Are you hiring a principal for your school or are you an aspiring principal seeking open roles? If so, explore the tools we’ve built (and check back often for new tools throughout 2017!).

Why does this matter?

The people hiring principals need tools and resources to help make their job easier to manage. Likewise, candidates need good information about openings across Chicago and an efficient mechanism for sharing their credentials. Learn more about the paths to pursuing the principal role and who makes hiring decisions in Chicago.

Elevating Partner Work

The Partnership builds on current work to achieve shared aspirations. Major research and information created by our partners will be featured on ChicagoPrincipals.org. For more information about becoming a partner and sharing your work, visit our Partners Council page.

Why does this matter?

Our Partners will continue to do great work to support principal quality. Our learnings from this work will help inform the strategies of The Partnership. By sharing it on this site, we hope it also informs the public’s understanding of the principal role in our schools.

Planning the Annual Town Hall

The Partnership Annual Town Hall is scheduled for May 2, 2017. The Town Hall will be an annual convening of all partners to discuss progress toward Partnership goals. The Annual Town Hall is open to anyone interested in supporting and learning more about principal quality in Chicago.

Why does this matter?

Principal quality is a priority for the entire city of Chicago. We are hosting a Town Hall to foster a sense of collective responsibility and to accelerate shared action among our partners and other stakeholders citywide. We hope you’ll join us! Sign up here to receive information on the Town Hall and updates on The Partnership.


Help us make Chicago the best city in America for talented principals to successfully lead in public schools.

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For more information about the work of The Partnership, view our Fact Sheet here.