Principal voice matters.


The Fund aims to include that voice in its mission to increase the number of great public schools in Chicago.



Percentage of Chicago’s principals who responded to the survey in 2018.


We invite you to explore the interactive survey data below.

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See the Survey Results in PDF


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Principal Engagement Survey? 

The Principal Engagement Survey is an annual survey of Chicago’s public school principals run by The Chicago Public Education Fund (The Fund). The survey is administered between May and July through a third-party vendor, the National Business Research Institute (NBRI), and tracks satisfaction, professional development and retention.

The Fund vets the survey questions with stakeholders, including principals, to determine reliability. Principals take the survey voluntarily and are allowed to skip questions at any point. The Partnership shares the results broadly to help spur action to improve conditions for principals in Chicago.


What does The Fund do ensure confidentiality if you know who takes the survey?

The Fund takes the confidentiality of the data very seriously. The  Fund,  CPS  and  Charter  Networks  only  receive  aggregated  information  by  category. All data is anonymized and only identifiable by the school level, school governance, school management network and geographic network. Principals also self-report race/ethnicity data as well as teacher, assistant principal and principal experience.

All information The Fund shares is at least an n-size of 10, and we reduce the number of available crosstabs to prevent identifiable data. We comply with all Chicago Public Schools Research Review Board requirements, including going through an Internal Review Board process.


What information is shared with CPS or Charter Networks? 

The Fund believes in using data to drive action toward improving system-wide conditions for principals. In order to do so, they share actionable information with CPS and Charter Network leadership. All data that they provide includes high level trends only and adheres to the n-size and crosstab rules above.

The Fund does use individualized links to track principal respondents and to avoid over-emailing principals during the survey period. While limited information on who has taken the survey is shared with CPS and Charter leadership during the survey period, there is no way for anyone to connect survey respondents to their responses.


What does The Fund and The Partnership do with the survey results? 

First, The Fund uses the results to influence their planning and programming. The Fund takes principal feedback and improves the work they do to support principals.

The Partnership also want to ensure the data is useful for other partners to help in the work of improving principal conditions. This includes CPS, Charter Networks and other nonprofit partners. Throughout the survey deployment, the results have spurred action including:

  • Informed and inspired Fund programming such as the Chicago Principals Fellowship, the Summer Design Program (SDP) and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).
  • Provided information to the public through reports, City Club events and social media communication around principal quality.
  • Informed CPS and the public about policy preferences of principals and helped shape the launch of the Independent School Principals (ISP) program, compensation reform and other efforts.