What is the mission of The Chicago Principal Partnership?

The Partnership is working to ensure that every public school in Chicago is led by a strong principal.

Strong principals lead with high standards for student academic and personal success and they foster a community that enables students to regularly meet and exceed those expectations.

Together, members of The Partnership help Chicago attract, support and keep strong principals.

Is The Partnership a new nonprofit?

No. The Partnership is a collaborative effort by a diverse group of stakeholders committed to and interested in supporting principal quality in Chicago’s public schools. Members of The Partnership come together to share data and best practices to ensure our work is efficient and effective.

Does The Partnership run programs for principals?

No. Members of The Partnership run a wide variety of programs for principals, but The Partnership itself does not. Through The Partnership, members commit to using data and shared resources to help increase their collective impact on principals across Chicago.

Does The Partnership provide funding to individual principals and/or organizations?

No. Although philanthropic organizations are important members, The Partnership does not currently provide funding to individual principals and /or organizations.

How do the priorities of The Partnership align with that of partner organizations?

Prior to the launch of The Partnership, approximately 90 stakeholders were interviewed to help identify a clear set of near-term priorities and long-term aspirations to guide The Partnership’s work.


The need for accurate data and reporting, as well as collaboration with all partners across the city, emerged as the leading themes from these conversations. The Partnership’s near-term priorities and work reflect these themes.

How can I support The Partnership’s work?

It takes everyone in Chicago to attract, support and keep strong principals in our public schools.


If you or your organization would like to join the effort to support principal quality in Chicago, visit our Get Involved page.